Photo Shoot Video
This is a video taken of a photo shoot I was doing. It's really good because not only do you see me in my teasing positions, you also see me getting into those positions. Who knows what you'll catch a glimpse of in the videos when I'm moving around. Sign up and get to see me at work.
I get completely naked in this video guys. You can see me crawling around on a pool table playing with balls and cues. Now you don't get to see that on Babestation Daytime! This is where it all happens fellas so sign up today and watch me play!
On the Pool Table
Motorbike Fun
Watch me get this big throbbing, powerful machine between my legs in this sexy garage video. This one will really get you going. Watch me strip off in the red light of the garage and see just how far your sexy little Lori will go! Sign up and tune in.